Umbrella Insurance

Cover Your Head with an Umbrella Insurance Policy

Most people know about medical, auto, boat and homeowner’s insurance. Those are the most common types of insurance, and most people have at least one from that list. An umbrella policy is different from the ones mentioned above. When basic insurance runs out, you must pay for the remaining balance on legal and medical fees. Umbrella insurance saves your assets by taking over where traditional insurance leaves off.

Who Needs It?

Anyone can apply for umbrella insurance. It is most common among people with substantial checking accounts, cars and real estate. The funds from this insurance will take care of needs the other insurance can’t cover. You are able to keep your assets so your belongings remain safe. You dont have to worry about going broke because you dont have enough insurance. For example, a traveler can use umbrella funds to cover issues with a damaged rental car.

What Does it Include?

Umbrella coverage provides a safety net for body and property damage above a basic insurance policy. Costs can spiral out of control, and the umbrella funds become a necessity. A landlord can cover the costs associated with lawsuits from injured tenants. An umbrella policy can cover the policyholder for other lawsuit types, including libel, slander and personal liability issues. You never know when you might find yourself in a financial bind. Protecting yourself with umbrella funds keeps your financial health intact.

Main Benefits

The main benefit of an umbrella policy is financial protection. Selecting a large amount on the policy gives you flexibility when the time comes to use the policy.

If you are in an accident with a high-paid professional, then their lost wages might become your responsibility to repay. You might be unable to foot the bill because you dont have enough insurance. With umbrella coverage, you might have the ability to cover all the costs.


Apply for the largest policy amount possible. Remember, you are not covering your assets, but covering possible charges from potential victims.
Consider your finances and look into umbrella coverage. With protection you can trust, any legal issues are resolved without financial ruin.