Landlord Insurance

The Importance of a Landlord Insurance Policy

A landlord insurance policy covers damage to rental property in case of fire, storm, vandalism, theft or other damage. The policy does not cover the tenants personal belongings either inside or outside of the property.

When is Landlord Insurance Necessary?

Anyone who rents property to others should have landlord insurance coverage. They could rent a condo, home or apartment – they all require landlord insurance. A person who lives in their home, but rents it out for one or two weeks out of the year generally will not need this type of policy. For occasional and short-term rentals, a typical homeowners insurance policy is enough.

The Basics of the Policy

Landlord insurance covers a variety of incidents. It is important to read the policy, and understand what it includes. The policy may pay a tenant if they are hurt on the property because of the landlords negligence. For example, if the tenant falls and breaks their arm because of a loose stair the landlord refused to repair, then the tenant can expect the landlord to pay their medical bills. The policy also pays if a tenant damages the property or a natural disaster occurs.

Coverage Types

  • Property Damage – Replaces or repairs the main property and outbuildings, such as sheds, garages, carports or fences. It also covers to repair or replace appliances attached to the home, like cooling systems and hot water heaters. This type of coverage will also pay the full amount or partial amount to rebuild a destroyed home.
  • Liability Coverage – The pays legal fees and damages if a tenant or visitor is hurt on the property because of something that is the landlords fault. The limits on this policy are usually higher, to cover a larger number of people. A landlord who owns a building that has 20 tenants is at greater risk than a residential homeowner with no tenants.
  • Loss of Income – This reimburses the landlord for rent lost when a building is uninhabitable because of damage.

Other options are available for landlord insurance. Make sure to ask about all options.