Earthquake Insurance

Catastrophic events can ruin a business. From fire to flood, it is not easy for a business to recover from a major setback. An earthquake is one disaster that can leave a business hurting. It is even worse that if employees are injured during the earthquake, they might consider filing a personal injury lawsuit for any number of reasons. The earthquake could also destroy the building, which can cause financial ruin for any business. Earthquake insurance is a good idea for any business in an earthquake zone.

The Basics of Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake insurance covers damages that occur to a business or home during an earthquake. Things such as a collapsed wall, collapsed building or destroyed items are included in the coverage. This insurance is for anyone who owns a building, residential or commercial, in an earthquake prone area.

How it Works

Each earthquake insurance policy is unique. Most policies fit the specific needs of the policyholder. In some instances, the policy might not cover certain damage. For instance, consider an earthquake that causes flooding in someones home. If the earthquake policy does not cover flooding, then the policy would not help in this case. That is because most earthquake policies cover some but not all damages. It is important to read the policy in its entirety to know exactly what it includes.


The main benefit of earthquake insurance is that it covers you for losses and property damage related to an earthquake. Traditional home insurance does not automatically cover earthquake damage. If an earthquake occurs, then you will need the proper insurance to receive financial help.

Earthquake insurance is good for business owners and homeowners. Not only will you avoid financial ruin following an earthquake, but you will have peace of mind as well. If you are not in an earthquake zone, then you probably do not need earthquake insurance. If you are in an earthquake zone, do not wait until too late to get the proper insurance.