Flood Insurance

Life is unpredictable. One minute you are having a nice game of darts in your downstairs game room, and the next minute water is up to your knees. Flooding can cause a lot of damage – that costs a lot of money to repair. That is why flood insurance is important for any homeowner.

Many do not purchase flood insurance because they think floods are included in their regular home insurance policy. The truth is that flood insurance is separate, and not automatically included in a traditional home insurance policy. It is terrible for homeowners who discover this fact after a catastrophic flood has ruined their home.

Water damage is not always easy to repair. Thousands of dollars in damage can occur from just a few inches of water. It does not matter if the water comes from melting snow, a thunderstorm or burst pipes – all water can cause major damage.

It is impossible to predict when a flood will occur in the home. They usually occur quickly and without warning. That is why it is important to have flood insurance coverage before disaster strikes.

Flood insurance offers peace of mind because it guarantees compensation following a flood. Most policies have a 30-day waiting period before the policy becomes active. It is important to keep that in mind when considering flood insurance.

Flood insurance rates depend on the location of the property. High-risk flood areas will require paying a higher premium. Low-risk flood areas will carry a lower premium. Failing to pay the monthly premium will eventually lead to a loss of coverage.

Flood insurance is available for residential and commercial buildings. If a flood occurs, then the policy will offer compensation for the damage. The policyholder has to file a claim in order to receive compensation.