RV Guys- Don

Who are the RV Guys???

The “Oh Yeah” Black Streak Cleaner is made by a major chemical company that specializes in industrial cleaners and car wash products. The RV Guys convinced them to make a special formula and package it with their label. When the RV Guys first tried the product, they declared “Oh Yeah, that really works great !” They now have a line of RV cleaning products, being used and loved by a major RV manufacturer, many dealers and lots of RV owners. And the RV Guys will continue to work with the chemical company to develop other products for RVs. Don Saber, National Sales Manager, is a veteran Sales Executive. He is extremely knowledge on all the products and can demonstrate their magic to everyone, upon request. The RV Guys are dedicated to focus on products that are 1st class, that solve RV owners’ greatest concerns, and help make folks true “Happy Campers”. Call us at 888-341-7776.

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