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Heidi Myles | Loan Officer

I absolutely LOVE the mortgage industry! No, I am not crazy. This industry is constantly changing and evolving and I never stop learning of new ways to help my clients the best way possible. I have been in the mortgage industry for 15 years and my passion is first time home buyers. I want to help a client from the time they purchase their first starter home until they upgrade to their dream home, maybe even a few times!

One of the biggest myth’s is you need a down payment to purchase a home. Mortgages are not the same as they were when your parent’s bought their first home. Contact me and allow me to be your Mortgage Guru for life! I am here to help any way I can. If you don’t think your credit is good enough, call me. I offer a free credit analysis and a 6-month plan for improving your credit. Let’s get you into your dream home!

NMLS - 273919.


Phone: (810) 969-5902