From Homeless to Homefull

Join us in assisting the transition of families from homeless shelters to warm inviting homes to call their own. Metro Detroit is home to one of the nation’s highest homeless population. Therefore, as active stakeholder in this community, we strive to change this scenario by doing all that we can to help families surpass social-economic barriers and provide a more promising future for their family!

To achieve this goal, will direct support to local shelters to locate families that are transitioning into low-income housing to make sure that the selected family starts afresh with a solid foundation, a dose of encouragement, and boost to their morale to assist them in tackling life’s challenges.

For that reason we are offering to donate $10 for every single friend, family, and/or co-workers you send our way to receive a FREE insurance quote. It’s that easy and there is no obligation to purchase!!!

Getting involved has never been so simple, or Free!