Changing Lives – YOURS AND THEIRS!

There’s nothing better than coming home to your family and eating a warm meal together. We can’t quite put our finger on it but there’s just something special about sharing food with loved ones. Unfortunately, many families around us don’t get to have the same experience due to the lack of or very limited resources.

This winter, we hope to come to the aid of vulnerable families in Michigan by empowering them with the resources and nourishment they need to live healthy lives. When food is scarce and families have to be constantly worried about where to find their next meal, it significantly affects other areas of their lives that are imperative in order to move past their respective vulnerable condition.

Families and individuals who are struggling need our help, and by helping them we are helping to build a better and more equitable community for all members involved. Using our agency’s network and resources we now give you the power to change lives, YOURS, and THEIRS!

Are you ready to take action? It’s easy because when you recommend your friends, family, and co-workers to receive an insurance quote from us, and we’ll donate $10 for every person! It’s that easy!! They only need to receive a quote – there is no obligation to purchase.