"Mlynarek Insurance real expertise is in matching the various insurance options to our personal insurance needs at the best price. Knowing all the the options and various systems is difficult and complex and Mlynarek Insurance takes the time to explain why certain options fit our needs, then saves us a bundle. It's a real comfort knowing they are there to help me."
— Lisa M.

"I switched to Mlynarek Insurance several years ago and am glad I did! Their no nonsense approach has helped my family save money on all our coverages. They really tailored our packages to meet all our family and needs. I am particularly happy with the friendly, personal efficient service Mlynarek Insurance's team has offered me and my family. If you are in need of insurance give them a call. You’ll be glad you did."
— Mike T.

"You guys rock...the best thing I did was go with you guys .Thank you and your people."
— Dave Khoury

"I have been utilizing Mr. Martin for the past 8 months and found his service to be nothing short of amazing. He is attentive, quick, accurate, and very personable. Anytime we have a borrower who needs a quote or is looking to save on their insurance, I recommend Mr. Martin."
— Bryan R.

"Everything was done great! It's hard when your vehicle won't run --- thank you very much! Your company is the best!- Bob"
— Robert S.